It has long been known that evaporating solvent can cause headaches, dizziness and tiredness, however, solvent-based paints are still widely used. Many people are convinced that solvent-based paint is more durable. Is that true?

In solvent-based paint, white spirit (mineral turpentine) is frequently used as a diluent, while in water-based paints the diluent is water. While paint dries, the diluent evaporates, leaving a layer of paint on the surface, ie, pigment and binding agent, therefore the quality of the paint layer and the end result is the same as when diluting with water. Water, as diluent, is much more eco-friendly.

These days water-based finishing paint technologies are as good as solvent-based paint technologies. The product tests carried out by our suppliers (you can find information about each product in the corresponding product description) prove that water-based interior paints provide reliable and environmentally friendly solutions for the protection and decoration of interior surfaces.
The main advantages of water-based paints:
Water-based paints are almost completely odourless, therefore you can return to the room much sooner - almost immediately after painting;
It is much easier to clean the tools after painting;
Water-based paints contain a minimum amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC g/l), therefore they are suitable for kids’ rooms and bedrooms, since they do not cause irritation or hypersensitivity.

Attention! Water-based products mainly may be used to repaint surfaces that were previously painted with solvent-based paints, without any special treatment of the surface! Do not use solvent-based paints to repaint surfaces that were previously painted with water-based paints, since the surface may start to crack.

How can you tell water-based paints and solvent-based paints apart?
The paint can label shows a water icon, and there should be a written indication on the label on the other side of the can stating that the paint is water-based.


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