A correctly selected tool ensures a successful result. Tools in the store can be divided in two groups: simple or cheap painting accessories for single use and high-quality painting accessories.

We recommend always choosing high-quality tools since a good brush or roller has several advantages:

Easier work - special tools have been designed for different work conditions;
Sturdier design - the brush and the roller will not lose bristles and will not break;
A better result - even structure of paint on the entire surface when painting with a roller, smoother layer when painting with brush;
Time saved - the tools absorb the paint better and ensure a good result;
Money saved - the tools can be reused if they are carefully cleaned and stored.

When choosing between roller and brush, remember:
Working with roller is many times faster than working with a brush;
A thicker roller will produce a less even surface than a brush;
A brush allows painting hard-to-access locations, for example, corners, behind radiators or pipes;
Paint larger surfaces, for example, ceilings and walls, with a roller, but use a brush for painting furniture, wooden strips, window frames, wooden facades, and similar surfaces;
When working with a brush, the paint has better adhesion to the foundation;
A brush is much easier to clean than a roller.

In order for the work to succeed, the brush or the roller must match the type of paint and the type of surface.

All recommended painting tools can be found in the section Tools.

The painting tools that are suitable for the specific products can be found in the section Products in alphabetic order, by opening a specific product.


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