Painting polymer plaster plinths

1. Clean dust, dirt and salts from all surfaces.
2. Cover the surfaces that you do not wish to paint.
3. Clean mouldy surfaces, surfaces covered with lichen, etc., using a cleaning agent solution in a direction from bottom to top. Rinse the surface with water.
4. Putty the open cracks level with the surrounding surface, using the same composition of mortar as for the initial plaster. The plaster drying and hardening time is affected by the plaster composition used (proportion of lime and cement), air temperature, air humidity and the thickness of the plaster layer.
5. Prior to painting with façade paint, prime the surface with façade paint with 10% water added. Let the surface dry at least 12 hours prior to finish painting. Paint the plinth once with façade paint.
6. Clean the tools with water.


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