Adler Legno-Öl Tintable universal oil for furniture

Interior finishing.

The processing-friendly, quick drying Legno-Öl is suitable for all surfaces made of softwoods and hardwoods used indoors. It penetrates deep into the surface, has a water-repellent effect and emphasises the natural texture of the wood by a very good grain accentuation. Liquids and dirt can be easily wiped off. Wood surfaces treated with Legno-Öl are slip resistant and anti-static.

  • Legno-Öl is odourless and not self-igniting. For optimal protection, apply Legno-Öl twice.
  • Furniture in residential premises, interior finishing (wooden boards, ceilings, etc.) wooden and parquet floorings.
  • Apply a maximum of one thin coat of this product to the inner surfaces of furniture and cabinets on account of possible odours.

Application method:

  • Brushin, rolling, wiping

Special features

  • good penetration
  • simple usage
  • durable, water and dirt-repellent
  • slip resistant and anti-staticperspiration and spittle-resistant (ÖNORM S 1555)
  • for a pleasant feel
  • not self-igniting
  • food safe


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