Auson Äkta Trätjära Genuine Pine Tar 100%

Oriģināla, 100% priežu sveķu darva kokam Auson Äkta Trätjära

High quality tar for a wide range of applications

Pure, natural wood preservative Genuine Pine Tar

is produced from resinous pine wood.

  • Genuine Pine Tar is a product of Nature.
  • It has a dark colour and contains all ingredients of rosin and fatty acids and their conversion products such as rosin oil, oxidized acids, esters, high-boiling terpenes and fatty alcohols etc. which characterizes a pine tar of high quality according to traditional concepts.

Genuine Pine Tar can be used on wood previously treated with pine tar, copperas and earth paint as well as on untreated wood such as wood panelling, timber facade, wooden roofs, fences, bridges, wooden boats etc. and for veterinary, but especially pharmaceutical purposes. It is included among other in shampoos, soaps and ointments against allergic rashes, psoriasis, eczema etc.


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Genuine Pine Tar is relatively viscous in it´s consistency but can be easier to apply and penetrating even better if it´s heated in a water bath to about 50-­70 degrees or if it´s mixed with gum turpentine. You can also dilute Genuine Pine Tar with raw or boiled linseed oil to make the product more drying. Do not apply a too thick layer when there is a risk of cracking and so-­called bleeding during hot weather. Apply by brush. You can also spray it after warming up or diluting.

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