Acrylic varnish self-priming Renner JL-25M375/ set

mateta laka akrila jlm375

Non-yellowing furniture varnish, semi-matt. Acrylic varnish 2k-two component. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE

Acrylic varnish Renner JL-25M375 main features

  • use without separate primer
  • non-yellowing
  • good hardness
  • semi-matte, gloss 25%
  • also suitable for bleached wood
  • does not contain formaldehyde

Recommended use

  • veneered or solid wood
  • coating for open pore systems
  • furniture
  • door
  • panels


  • Solvent. Polyurethane – acrylic.

Application method

  • Traditional spraying
  • Airless spraying
  • Airless spraying (Airmix)

Observe the hazard pictograms on the packaging!

Available sets:

Varnish – JL-25M375 / 1L
Hardener – FC-M070 / 1L
Thinner – DF-M002 / 1L

Varnish – JL-25M375 / 5L
Hardener – FC-M070 / 1L
Thinner – DF-M002 / 5L

Varnish – JL-25M375 / 25L
Hardener – FC-M070 / 5L
Thinner – DF-M002 / 25L

* – Refer to the User’s Guide for operating instructions


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1 Liter

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5 Liters

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25,2 Liters

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User manual

Surface preparation

Prior to application, sand by sanding with P220 grain sandpaper. For sanding the lacquered surface between layers uses 320 grit paper.

Chemical & application properties

  • Solid content (%): 27 ± 1
  • Density (g / cm3): 0.920 ± 0.030
  • Viscosity DIN 4 (s) at 20 ° C: 28 ± 3
  • Application coats: max 3
  • Quantity per coat: up to 150 g / m2
  • Interval between coats: 1h to 12h
  • Mixture viability – pot life: 16h

Components and mixing ratios of the finished work mixture



JL-25M375 (Base)


FC-M070 (Hardener)


DF-M002 (Thinner)     


Drying at 20 ° C at a humidity of 45% -65%: 100 g / m²

Dust does not stick after 15 min
Can be touched after 40 min
Can be stacked after 3 h


To improve the hardness and durability of the varnish, add FC-M070 hardener up to 20%, increase drying time and give the top coat a higher gloss. Product life will decrease. If the tree is bleached, JLxxM375 can only be applied after 48h when bleaching is complete. Applying the recommended amounts, if the appropriate proportions are not observed or other application systems (pore) are used, may eventually result in a non-homogeneous cellular system (blotch).

The product has an unlimited shelf life. However, after a long period of storage, a small precipitate may form and it is advisable to thoroughly mix the product until homogenous.

* – reference information

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