Caparol Samtex 7 E.L.F. Matt paint for walls, ceilings in interior

CAPAROL Samtex 7

Satin matte latex interior paint. Wet Abrasion: Class 2

For smooth, durable surfaces and structure-enhancing interior paints.

Caparol Samtex 3 product is suitable for surfaces with heavy loads, e.g. in schools, hospitals, kindergartens, public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. The paint is very durable, washable. Especially suitable for painting structural wallpaper, because it highlights their structure.

  • A waterborne, low odor organic
  • Diffusion of water vapor
  • Susceptible to cleaning
  • Resistant to mild ( not including alcohol ) disinfectants and detergents
  • Easy to use
  • The high degree of white
  • Wet Abrasion: Class 2
  • The product contains <1 g / l VOC



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