Hagmans Kisel-Tvätt Silicone wood protection wash

Hagmans Kisel-Tvätt mazgāšanas līdzeklis

Special detergent for wood surfaces used together with Hagmans Kisel-Impregnering

Clean the wood surface before treating with Hagmans Kisel-Impregnering Wood Preservative to obtain a grey shade.

All old wood oil residues must be removed before surface treatment. Surfaces to be treated must be completely dry, so newly impregnated wood must dry for several months before treatment. The product can also be used as an annual maintenance wash, if Step  2 impregnation has been used.

Surface treatment:

  • Step 1 – surface washing with Hagmans Kisel-Tvätt Silicone wood protection wash
    Apply quickly and evenly with a brush or roller. Let the product work on the surface for a few minutes. Using a coarse brush or pressure washer with a shower nozzle, rinse the treated surface.
  • Step 2 – Treat the surface with Hagmans Kisel-Impregnering
    Apply evenly with a brush or roller in two coats, with a drying interval of at least two hours between coats. The surface should be used no sooner than 4 hours after the second application. After treatment, the surface has an uneven orange appearance which, as a result of the ambient weather and chemical process, will gradually develop a uniform, natural grey colour over a period of 1-3 months. This process can be accelerated by rinsing the surface regularly with water.


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