Hagmans Golvfarg 1K floor paint

Abrasion-resistant, easy-to-use polyurethane / acrylate paint for floors and walls both indoors and outdoors.

Hagmans 1K floor paint is easy to use with durable diffusion paint with the good light fastness and gloss resistance.

  • The paint is intended primarily for interior and exterior painting of cement floors and walls.
  • The product is suitable for home use as well as for surfaces subject to easier trade movement.
  • Since the paint has good diffusion properties, it is suitable for painting cement floors.
  • Use Clear Lacquer 1K to improve stain resistance.
  • For rooms exposed to chemicals, we recommend Hagmans Golvfärg EP-V.
  • For indoor wooden surfaces only! For untreated wood surfaces, we recommend using Hagmans Spärrgrund.
  • Half gloss (40)
  • Reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1
  • Permeability to water vapor according to EN ISO 7783
  • Capillary absorption and water permeability according to EN 1062-3
  • Adhesion strength according to EN 1542


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