Caparol Sylitol Bio Innenfarbe paint for walls, ceilings - suitablefor allergic persons

Caparol Sylitol_Bio-Innenfarbe

High-quality, solvent-free, silicate-based interior paint

High-quality paint for interior silicate coatings on walls and ceilings, e.g. in living quarters, schools, children’s nurseries, public buildings and for the preservation of monuments and historic buildings.

Due to the allergen-free (controlled) formulation ideally suitable for allergy sufferers. Particularly suitable for coatings on unpainted mineral plasters of mortar groups/classes PI, PII andPIII, concrete, fair-faced calcium silicate (sandlime) brick masonry, Capaquarz glass fleece wallcoverings, woodchip/ingrain wallpapers and stable silicate coatings. Capaver glass fabric wall coverings, gypsum plasters, plasterboards, gypsum building boards/wallboards and sound dispersion/emulsion coatings can be coated after an adequate pre-treatment. Due to the high content of mineral raw materials and natural alkalinity of binder, the risk of fungalattack on the coating surface is minimised.

Material Properties

  • Colours: white
  • Gloss Level: Dull matt
  • Free of preservatives.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Unplasticized.
  • Free of fogging-active substances.
  • Hygienically harmless for room air.
  • Test Certificate of TÜV Nord “Suitable for allergy sufferers”.
  • External quality control.
  • Wet scrub resistance Class 3, corresponds to “wash resistant” as per DIN 53778
  • Water-dilutable.
  • Ecologically compatible, low odour.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Highly diffusion-capable, sd H2O < 0.02 m as per DIN EN 1062.
  • Sylitol® coatings retain the diffusibility and water vapour permeability of substrates.
  • Reaction to fire, German classification: “nichtbrennbar/non-combustible”, Class A2 as per DIN 4102. Approval number: P-BAY26-04659
  • The product contains <1 g / l VOC


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