Belton spray paint spectRAL 400ml

Belton krāsas aerosols - baloniņs, RAL toņi, 400ml

For a wide variety of applications and various surfaces

Universal spray paint according to standard Ral tones.
For different applications and different surfaces, such as metal, wood, ceramics, stone, clay, glass, paper and paints.
Good coverage;
Quick drying;
Weather resistant, designed for both outdoor and indoor use ;.
Easy to work, even coating .;
Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen and industrial painting.

Spraying: 2-3 cross layers: approx. 40-50 μm.
Spraying distance: 15-25 cm
Drying time: dust does not stick after approx. 20 min.
Ready for fast treatment after approx. 60 min.
Dry and hard surface after approx. 12 hours
Repainting with the same product: at any time
with all other belton paints: at any time

Note: Please check compatibility of plastic surfaces. All other surfaces such as stone, clay, ceramic, glass, rattan/baste, cardboard/paper must be primed with belton universal primer.
Do not spray on objects coated with artificial resins as the paint may lift.

Compare the shades of colors to the catalog or samples, because the shade shown on the screen may differ from the real shade of the paint!

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