Pine Tar: Red

Swedish classic wood pine tar dull red color

Pure, natural wood preservative Red Pine Tar is a classic pigmented pine tar

wbased on genuine tar, gum turpentine and linseed oil hich gives the surface a traditional Falu Red color, similar red earth paint. Red Pine Tar obtained the best results in Folksams color test in 2012 where mold and algae growth, cracking and flaking were examined.

Red Pine Tar can be used on wood:

  • that has beenp reviously treated with earth paint (as Falu Red) and copperas, and also on untreated or previously tarred wood paneling, timber such as facades, fences, wooden ceilings, pallet collars etc.
  • Pine Tar is nature´s own wood protection and consists among others various kinds of resins and terpenes.


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For best result apply Red Pine Tar in warm weather, at least 10 degrees Celsius. The product becomes then easier to work with and it penetrates right into the timber. Red Pine Tar should be mixed with at least 20% gum turpentine. For easier penetration of planned wood such as timber facades, Red Pine Tar should be further diluted with 10-­15% gum turpentine.


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