Effect glaze finish for wood used outdoors Adler Pullex Silverwood (Silber)

Impregnation glaze finish with metal character and greying effect. Optimal weather protection.

Use biocides safely. Always read the labelling and the product information before use.

Solvent-based, low-odour preservative wood impregnation for DIY and professional use with active biocidal substances for wood used outdoors. The product is formulated without aromatic solvents and siccatives that contain cobalt.
Innovative colour shades with metallic finish or appearance of antique wood. Special pigmentation leads to silvery patina effect with weathering.
Natural, open-pore glaze finish, which does not peel off with weathering.

– The active substances used provide the protection required against blue stain (test conforming to EN 152-1) and wood destroying fungi (test conforming to EN 113), as specified by ÖNORM B 3803 or DIN 68800-3, and also prevent insect infestation (test according to EN 46).
Active substances (B, P, Iv)
0.7 % (Iodpropinyl butylcarbamate (IPBC),
0.3 % Tebuconazole,
0.06 % Permethrin
– Certificate of appreciation (04/15) ARGE Holzschutzmittel (wood preservatives consortium), Association of the Austrian chemical industry.

For non-dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable timber components in the outdoor area such as wooden houses, wood cladding, canopies, fences, window shutters, balconies, gates, conservatories, etc. in the usage classes 2 and 3 without soil contact.

Application method: By brush
Do not spray!

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