Trends in colour tones in 2022 - fulfill your dreams by painting!

Trends in colour tones in 2022 - the year of the Black Water Tiger

Many of us have made or are preparing for personal leaps of growth, new challenges, and someone has promised that the world will belong to the brave and the ones who dare this year.

The environment and the space we live in on a daily basis can affect us both positively and vice versa - creating negative emotions and depressing. Painting and colour accents in a room have been shown to have a profound effect on a person's emotional, psychological and sometimes even physical health. The chosen tones can say a lot about the resident of the room. Let's see how we can best use the world of colour to improve our mood and everyday life, so that it is a stimulus for inspiration, courage and motivation to have fun!


Emphasis is placed on liveliness and natural notes, so the shade of the year is olive green or Olive Sprig. The lush, relaxing and soothing olive green shade will fit well into any interior space, making it brighter and more vibrant.

Let the space around you breathe!

PPG Olive Sprig colour tone 2022 PPG Olive Sprig colour tone 2022 kitchen


Chooses games with purple, nominating Rosé-Mauve Flamenco 110 for the shade of 2022. It is elegant, nuanced and varied. Looking back on the events of past few years, Caparol strives for coloriness this year - it calls for the introduction of vitality in every day and encourages you to add a saturated tone to the interior. As Caparol describes it: "Our shade of 2022 is happy and carefree, it takes us from a saturated daily life to a world of opportunity!"


Caparol Rosé-Mauve Flamenco 110 colour tones 2022

Caparol paints for wall:

Caparol Samtex 7 E.L.F. matēta Krāsa sienām, griestiem iekšdarbiemCaparol Indeko-Plus ātri žūstoša krāsa sienām un griestiem


In 2022 calls for living life now and doing it in a new light, allowing for colour matches. Small accents or saturated areas of colour - the selection of 2022 shades allows your imagination run wild.  Tikkurila's main shade this year is the gentle, soothing brown Falcon tone or Kestrel L478, which invites you to spread your wings and give in to the moment we are in. This tone reminds us that all our dreams and adventures begin with the environment in which we find ourselves. Although the work environment has now changed its usual definition, often occupying our living rooms, kitchens or other premises, it motivates us to bring gratitude and care into our home like never before.

Life is meant to be lived!


Tikkurila Kestrel L478 colour tones 2022

Tikkurila paints for wall:

Tikkurila Joker sienas un griestu krāsa, matēta, ekoloģiskaTikkurila Harmony sienas krāsa, griestu krāsa, ekoloģiska, pilnīgi matēta



NCS, in turn, invites you to think of this year as the beginning of a new world, calling for the introduction of four values in your daily routine:

  • meditation or awareness of what we do and where we are,
  • time in nature or a good breath and exhale in a bunch of daily duties,
  • the practice of joy, happiness, and gratitude,
  • a new beginning or living with a view to the future.

Based on these values, NCS has developed an appropriate shade card for each value. By creating four stories and bringing them to life in the environment, anyone can become a narrator.

The choice of for this year's tone of success is based on the call to start with the environment in which we are. Sage green (Cl 1530) is a tone that focuses on sustainability, a greener, more creative environment, and encourages us to act in a way that enhances the importance of these values in society. The shade of green undeniably embodies the direction of environmentally friendly thinking. Green is a symbol of earth, peace and balance, which symbolizes the values of and the KRASO brand.

Sage green Cl 1530 colour tones 2022

KRASO paints for wall:

Kraso Projekt 7 Matēta krāsa sienām un griestiem sausās telpās iekšdarbos

The general trend of colour tones invites us to think about colour as part of our daily lives and to use it as a tool to achieve our goals of happiness, joy, peace, productivity and a sense of freedom. This is a reminder that the environment can not only give a bright message about our unique existence to the world, but also allow us to believe in our own strengths - inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves, both in the private space and in the work environment.

How to put it into practice?

Accentuate the wall, to which you can match various neutral-coloured accessories - shelves, paintings with more pronounced frames, match the colour of the wall with a coffee table and chairs. To refresh the interior, you can paint a flower pot and match the pillowcases of the living room - these are just a few ideas on how to bring fresh breath into your daily life. Be adventurous and give it a try!

What mood do you want to bring to your home this year?

It's time to dare more, happier and brighter!

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