Tikkurila Luja – protection in wet premises!

Extremely durable painting for many years, even in wet premises. Choose Tikkurila Luja!

Tikkurila Luja is the best choice for premises that are exposed to dirt, moisture and are subject to intense wear.

  • Interior paint Luja is resistant to washing, even if you use strong detergents.
  • The paint contains anti-mold agents that will prevent the formation of mold on the painted surface.

Tikkurila Luja interior paint will be perfect for wet premises!

With Tikkurila Luja you can paint both walls and ceilings, this paint will be especially suitable for premises such as:

  • bathrooms
  • changing rooms
  • pool facilities
  • stairwells
  • anterooms
  • patient rooms and others.

Due to the high resistance to chemicals and good washing properties, this paint can also be used in hospitals, industrial premises, catering kitchens, as the paint is also suitable for rooms where it comes into indirect contact with food.

Luja 7 (matte)Luja 20 (semi-matte)


  • Tikkurila Luja is a special acrylate paint that contains fungicides that protect the paint film.
  • Can be used in wet interiors and rooms where high resistance to washing and wear is required.
  • Suitable for new and pre-painted surfaces.
  • The product has been assessed for use in food production companies and indirect contact with food.
  • Wide range of shades, color can be tinted according to Tikkurila Symphony shade cards.
  • Consumption approx. 5-8 m²/l.




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