Renovate a fireplace or stove wall with Tikkurila MUURI

Everyone who has a fireplace in their home will admit that the room in which it is located is much warmer and more cozy. Over time, the fireplace paint and brick edges soot, it becomes dirty and visually it is necessary to restore its paint.

It is very important not only to clean the fireplace, but also to take care of its aesthetic appearance in the long run - and it is not expensive or complicated at all! Repaint the fireplace yourself!

Tikkurila MUURI paint is ideal for painting fireplaces and stove walls!

  • Water-based inorganic silicate interior paint
  • It has a high heat resistance, so it is especially suitable for painting stove walls, fireplaces and similar interior surfaces
  • Muuri the paint is completely matte
  • It can be used for decoration of both new and old fireplaces and stove walls
  • The porous structure of this paint forms a breathable and vapor-permeable surface
  • The paint Muuri can be used white or tinted in eight beautiful pastel shades

Choose from eight color tones:


Get inspired for change and renovate your fireplace!






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