How to repaint a radiator?

Can you repaint a radiator in any shade you want? Yes, you definitely can!

As the coldest season of the year approaches, you can refresh not only the walls of the room and furniture, but also the radiators.

When choosing a paint for the radiator, make sure that the paint is heat-resistant, otherwise it will peel off quickly.

You should consider some important things when preparing to repaint radiators!

Three important things when painting radiators

  • Firstly, radiators should only be painted when cold, so before starting the work, make sure that the heating is switched off.
  • Secondly, in order not to paint the furniture, floor or wall that are close to the radiators, spread out a masking film or paper in the area around the radiator.
  • Finally, as important as preparing the environment for work is to clean the radiator itself and, if necessary, sand it with a sandpaper to remove old peeling paint or rust. Remember to sand the surfaces at the bottom and behind the radiator as well because you will need to paint those parts too.

Preparing radiator surface for painting

If the previously painted surface of the radiator is well preserved, the main thing is to wash the radiator thoroughly with Maalipesu and sand it a bit with a fine sandpaper, such as P240. For a better adhesion of the new paint on the radiator surface, we recommend using Otex Akva primer, and if a bright shade of paint is chosen, tint the Otex Akva primer in the same shade as the paint for a better brightness coverage.

Appropriate paint and tools

We recommend choosing the popular Vivacolor Green Line eco paint:

  • Fast drying.
  • Easy to paint and good leveling.
  • Almost odorless.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • Durable and washable surface.
  • Can be tinted in light shades.

If you want to paint in brighter shades, choose the Tikkurila Helmi paint, which can be tinted in any shade:

Tikkurila Helmi 30 Pusmatēta krāsa mēbelēm, radiatoriem

Tikkurila Helmi 80 Spīdīga krāsa mēbelēm, radiatoriem

Remember! Read the product description of the paint before using it.

The shade of the radiator can be chosen as you wish – to match the walls of the room or, on the contrary, one that will stand out in the room as an effective accent.

Tools required for radiator painting:

When you are ready to paint and have everything you need, it's time to get to work!

We recommend painting the radiator at least twice. It is advisable to start with the inner edge and hard-to-reach areas first and only then paint the rest of the radiator. Take into account that the painted surface reaches full hardness and abrasion resistance only after about 1 month. It is typical for all paints and varnishes, therefore in the first weeks after painting do not subject the surface to loads and be gentle with it. However, if the surface needs to be cleaned shortly after painting, use a soft, damp cloth.

Painting a radiator is neither expensive nor complicated. Good luck!


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