How to give a second breath to the old floor tiles in the bathroom?

In the series of articles "Living in a beautiful environment is not expensive!" we offer to get acquainted with our client's bathroom makeover project - repainting floor tiles with decorative elements.

Old and no longer attractive floor or wall tiles in the bathroom or kitchen can be easily and quickly given a fresh and elegant look, using only a few products and your own imagination. In the article you will learn how to independently repaint and decorate tiles in just four steps, and, saving both time and money. Follow our recommendations to ensure that the refurbished tile flooring will last properly and retain its appearance for a long time to come.


  • Wash dirt and grease from floor tiles with Vivacolor Special Clean, it will also help the surface to get better adhesion to the paint. Use a regular sponge to apply the product.
  • Cover the surfaces you do not want to paint. Use dye tape.

! If the tiles are glossy, apply an adhesive primer Hagmans Haftprimer EP before painting.



  • Make stencils for tiles by arranging them in a chess order, with different surfaces for painting Renner Vintage Prestige, the client chose a contrasting shade - white Coconut, and snowflake silhouette.
  • Stencils can be cut out yourself or ordered online, for example,

! Attach the stencil with paper or dye tape to avoid toner shift.


  • Secure the surface with abrasion-resistant, transparent urethane varnish with good light and gloss resistance Hagmans Topplack PU. It is recommended to apply 2 coats of varnish.

In total, the whole work process takes 3-4 days.

We thank our client for the inspirational pictures and dedication! Get inspired you too!

There are no limits to ideas and patterns!




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