Ecological solution for different rooms - Caparol Sylitol Bio-Innenfarbe

Thanks to its environmentally friendly and hygienic formula, Sylitol Bio-Innenfarbe is ideal for use in all residential areas, but especially in rooms with high humidity control requirements, including bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, as well as public buildings.

System solution for better results

Primer and thinner for interior and exterior use

Sylitol 111 Konzentrat is a primer and thinner for strengthening mineral surfaces and smoothing the absorption capacity of strongly or unevenly absorbing surfaces.

  • Water-dilutable
  • Good penetration to the substrate
  • In concentrated form
  • Solvent-free



High-quality, solvent-free silicate-based interior paint

Sylitol Bio-Innenfarbe provides ideal conditions for a healthy living environment as well as protection against mould.

  • Optimal moisture exchange between room air and the base
  • Prevents the formation of mold due to its high alkalinity
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to paintable
  • Free of preservatives, solvents and plasticizers

Caparol Sylitol_Bio-Innenfarbe


Sylitol Bio-Innenfarbe meets the highest requirements for a healthy lifestyle, ecology, air hygiene and creates an optimal indoor climate.

The dye diffusion process is provided by silicate binders with natural alkalinity and a high proportion of mineral raw materials. As a result, indoor moisture does not condense on the walls, which significantly reduces the risk of mould formation.

For indoor climate balance

For a balanced indoor climate, the interaction between temperature, humidity and emissions of different substances is important. Caparol Sylitol Bio-Innenfarbe does not contain preservatives and has excellent vapor permeability.

Moisture does not accumulate on the surface. The paint layer absorbs and releases it, ensuring that the wall surface breathes. This way the walls stay dry even with high humidity in the room. Moisture in the room air can be easily distributed through the open layer of porous paint. The humidity of the room is regulated and the wall surface remains dry.




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