Antibacterial varnish or paint for furniture, wooden floors.

Can varnish, paint, wax for furniture, parquet be antibacterial? Yes! This is possible with Renner's special antibacterial additive SILVER DEFENSE.

Manufacture of furniture - in the production of custom-made kitchen furniture or varnishing of wooden floors , the surface can be given antibacterial protection.

Silver Defence is a silver ion additive for water-based varnishes or paints AY M433 and solvent-based varnishes or paints AF M466 that shows its effectiveness, when microorganisms come into contact with silver ions located on a surface coated with Renner Silver Defence. Moreover, when a bacterial population is exposed to silver ions, it is reduced by 99.9% within 24 hours, as evidenced by tests performed at CATAS, San Giovanni al Natisone laboratory, in accordance with the strict standard JIS Z 2801: 2006.

The antibacterial properties of Silver Defence additives are continuously constant: from the moment it is added to the varnish or paint mixture until it is applied to the surface to be treated, that is, both in a liquid and solidifying state. In fact, due to their mineral nature, silver ions remain unchanged because they cannot evaporate. Since these silver ion microparticles are encapsulated in a "glassy" matrix, they cannot be washed off the surface of the coating. The strong antibacterial additives Silver Defence do not change the properties of the coating product, they do not endanger health and are suitable for surfaces that come into contact with food.

Antibakteriāla laka vai krāsa mēbelēm vai koka grīdām

Silver Defence additives, like all other products, have been studied in Renner's R&D laboratory, which is based on respect for human and the environment.

Antibacterial additives from Renner Italia turn varnishes or paints into a strong protective barrier.

Surfaces treated with a coating containing Silver Defence are a microbiological shield with special silver ions that effectively prevent the spread of bacteria.

The use of antibacterial additives is highly recommended in objects:

  1. publicly available, where certain sanitary requirements must be met, they may be:
  • dental clinics, waiting rooms in medical centers;
  • in kindergartens and schools;
  • temples of worship;
  • fitness centers / gyms;
  • swimming pool; sauna;
  • beauty salons;
  • restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars, fruit shops, etc. premises.
  1. private premises to ensure a higher level of environmental health and to meet sanitary requirements, such as,
  • children's bedrooms,
  • bathrooms,
  • kitchens,
  • parquet floors, etc. premises.

Antibakteriāla laka vai krāsa mēbelēm vai koka grīdām ir tas ko daudzi meistari meklē.

The antibacterial additive AY M433 and AF M466 offers undeniable advantages:

  1. they do not affect the varnishing or painting process, only the amount to be added to the varnish or paint must be observed, that is, water-based products add the additive AY M433 on average 1% by weight of the base and solvent-based products – AF M466 on average 2% of base weight (dosage to finished product including hardener and thinner);
  2. they do not in any way affect the chemical, physical, paint stability, thixotropic, hardness or transparency properties of the surface product;
  3. easy to use;
  4. they are compatible with any type of product, thus making their use unlimited.

Recommended coatings for wood, to which an antibacterial additive can be added

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Antibakteriāla laka vai krāsa mēbelēm vai koka grīdām ir tas ko daudzi meistari meklē.

Watch Video - How Does An Antibacterial Additive Work.


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