8 ideas for refreshing children's room colours

The children`s room in each house is a special room that requires special attention and care.

As the children grow up, they definitely have imagined their dream room. But how to get to it? How to make a child's dreams come true by making room transformations? The child's fantasies do not always agree with the parents' thoughts. It is therefore important to find a compromise between the wishes of both parties. We offer 8 different ideas for refreshing children's room colours.


Wall paint refreshment

We recommend that you start with the choice of wall tones, you will be able to adjust the other details afterwards. When painting the walls in the children`s room, it is strongly recommended to use paints with the lowest content of volatile compounds. The range of eco-products includes antimicrobial paints such as Tikkurila Joker paint and paints especially suitable for people with allergies Caparol Sylitol Bio Innenfarbe.

Eco colours:

  • Harmless to health and the environment;
  • Especially suitable for people with allergies;
  • Free of preservatives and solvents;
  • Meets indoor air hygiene requirements;
  • Practically odourless and environmentally friendly.

Wall paint with a fine plaster effect

Veidojot uz sienām smalka apmetuma efektu, droši aiciniet palīgā bērnus, jo šeit nevar būt nepareizs iznākums, tieši pretēji! 

By combining different work methods and colours, the possibilities of Tikkurila Tunto Hieno structural colours are endless. Tikkurila Tunto Hieno's surface is beautifully structured and fully matt.

Use a variety of different shades of grey and create a surface with a metal trowel, scraper, comb, street broom, or other tools that can change and shape the surface. Tikkurila Tunto Hieno's three-dimensional surface structure is created during processing.

Choose a wall colour that is easy to maintain

In life, everything happens - even with little fingers to smear a beautiful clean wall. Therefore, we recommend choosing a premium class water-based paint with high abrasion resistance - Colorex Tin matt paint. Paint the walls with a dirt-repellent and easy-to-clean paint so that it can be removed from any kind of dirt in any situation.

Separate areas

In order for the child to feel good in his/her room at any time of the day, it is important to separate the areas. For example, a sleeping area, training and play area. To achieve this, it is not necessary to create partitions, because it can be perfectly implemented by choosing different wall tones. It is recommended to choose softer and warmer tones for the sleeping area, while you can already choose something brighter for the playing area. This solution will also be great if one room is to be shared by a sister with a brother, and everyone wants their own corner in a different colour.

Wall drawings

Bright colours are used for wall drawings. In our online store you can buy small quantities of paint, which will be enough to paint a beautiful drawing or create a modern wall pattern using stencils.

Repaint furniture

A great way to refresh the interior of a room without buying new wooden furniture is to repaint it, for example, a chair, table or just table drawers.

Pay attention to accents

When choosing wall colours, we recommend paying attention to accents. The little ones will definitely be delighted with Tikkurila Taika Glow, which glows in the dark, as it can be used to create any wall and ceiling drawings and even paint interior items or furniture. In daylight, the drawing is charged and in the evening it becomes brightly shiny.

Functional board

Allow children to express themselves creatively on the walls! Now that school and kindergarten life has moved home, a functional board will definitely fit in the children`s room. You can paint part of the wall above the desk or even the whole wall so that the child can express himself creatively by drawing or writing down what he needs most. With this Tikkurila Liiti colour, you can even paint furniture and mark, for example, what is in which drawer.

Another way to get to the whiteboard where you can write and draw with markers is by choosing Magpaint SketchPaint.

The third solution is a magnetic wall, on which you can pin the most important documents or just beautiful pictures to any wall, door or room locker. The same surface can be used as a felt-tip pen or crayon board.

You will be able to choose the board shade yourself.


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