Caparol Amphibolin

Universal acrylic paints for versatile exterior and interior use

Per liter in our shop: 7,87 €

In other shops: 9,26 €


Caparol Samtex 7 E.L.F.

Satin matte latex interior paint

Per liter in our shop: 4,69 €

In other shops: 5,87 €


Vivacolor Lacquer Wall Akva

Lacquer for wooden walls and ceilings

Per liter in our shop: 5,71 €

In other shops: 7,01 €


Tikkurila Liitu

Chalkboard paint in many colors

Per liter in our shop: 16,52 €

In other shops: 20,27 €


Tikkurila Luja 7

Finishing Paint, matt

Per liter in our shop: 9,82 €

In other shops: 12,18 €


Tikkurila Kiva 10 (matt)

Matt Furniture Lacquer

Per liter in our shop: 10,17 € 12.25

In other shops: 13,65 €


Tikkurila Unica

Special Alkyd Paint

Per liter in our shop: 11,78 €

In other shops: 14,45 €


Vivacolor Villa Akva

Waterborne paint for wooden facades

Per liter in our shop: 6,42 €

In other shops: 7,90 €

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