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Adler Aviva Terra-Naturweiß

Premium class interior paint for DIY and professional use. Wet Abrasion: Class 1

Per liter in our shop: 6,34 €

Caparol Sylitol Bio Innenfarbe - suitablefor allergic persons

High-quality, solvent-free, silicate-based interior paint

Per liter in our shop: 4,94 €

Caparol ThermoSan NQG for plaster and concrete surfaces

Protected against algal and fungal attack.

Per liter in our shop: 9,84 €

Colorex Projekt 7 Aqua

Matt, water-based paint for walls and ceilings in wet areas in interior work. Wet Abrasion: Class 1

Per liter in our shop: 8,16 €

Extreme and instant adhesion, glue Tec7 X-Tack

Perfect for vertical bondings

Price from: 12,99 €

Festool mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CT 15 E

Festool 574827

Price: 299,90 €350.17

Hagmans Golvfarg 1K floor paint

Abrasion-resistant, easy-to-use polyurethane / acrylate paint for floors and walls both indoors and outdoors.

Per liter in our shop: 9,93 €

Adhesive PVA class D4 PROTOVIL D4

Water based adhesive that fulfils the requirements of the D4 class

Price from: 3,33 €

Polyurethane adhesive EXTRAPUR PLUS

For water-resistant gluing high viscosity, fast-acting, high filling capacity.

Price from: 5,99 €

TQC Wet Film Thickness Gauge Stainless Steel WG-2 25-2000 µm

To measure the thickness of coatings immediately after they have been applied to a substrate

Price: 58,00 €

Unique multi-spray of top quality GT7

Cleans, protects, lubricates UNIQUE MULTI-SPRAY OF TOP QUALITY!

Price: 7,99 €

Unique universal adhesive, sealant Tec7

Can be used on most building materials.

Price from: 9,99 €